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Visual Merchandising is directly related to sensation, sensation is directly related to enjoyment, enjoyment is directly related to value for the customer, value is directly related to satisfaction, satisfaction is directly related to retention and retention is related to profit of store.

Jan 2008

Advertising in Gurgaon Shopping Malls

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Visual merchandising and advertising solutions for Gurgaon shopping malls

 Save time and money, get maximum ROI through our Expert Advice

Advertise in Gurgaon Malls. website Our GSM Media Cell guides you in your search for the most effective medium that you should choose for advertising in Gurgaon. Not every medium is as effective and neither every person/segment visit every mall. People have choices and at times are very regular about their choise.

We know what can bring you the maximum ROI.
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Outdoor Media Advertising

We have sucessful tie-up in outdoor advertising since long. Our partner has been serving important clients like Coke, Titan, Nokia, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Bank of Borada, Honda, Frankfinn, JMD, Ansal, Ultratech, Metro City, Gold Souk, Oriental Insurance, The Times of India, Nirula's, HSBC Bank, Kotak Insurance and many more. We advertise for our clients in Gurgaon and major parts of Rajasthan.

We have plenty of media space like Kiosks, Unipoles, Hoardings, etc. for exclusive outdoor media coverage.

We under take complete planning of your campaign in every effective way to reach the maximum audiences in the city and state as mentioned above.

Best package rates are available to suit your budget.

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Promotional Events / Kiosks / Banner Advertising

Banner advertising in Gurgaon, India.

We understand the shopping malls promotions and advertising process completely. Our solutions are tailor made for your requirements. We are proudly associated with the shopping malls in Gurgaon to provide your brand, product, service the maximum visibility through our expert information and placements.

Get in touch with our representatives about the prominent placements of banner placements, drop downs, setting up of Promotional Kiosks, Organizing Promotional Events, etc within and around the mall of your choice. We provide you with complete information.

Organize your weekend promotional events in malls and increase your brand visibility. We connect you to the mall authorities directly and assist you in managing your events.

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Bluetooth and Proximity advertising

Bluetooth advertising in Gurgaon, India.

What's new in advertising when it comes to Gurgaon shopping malls? Here is a complete new solution for you in mobile advertising. Bluetooth or Proximity advertising solutions are now creating a place in Gurgaon Shopping Malls.

All that people need to do is to switch on the bluetooth option on their handsets and they get the announcements and promotions pushed to their handset which they can further download if they like. This has proved good advertising medium in the below mentioned categories.

  • Movie Theater Complexes
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Retail locations
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Airports

Our solutions is a truly high quality, in terms of creatives, technology and interactivity that too without bothering the visitors. Everything is based on visitor's choice. We have tie up with one of the prominent Proximity Service providers in India, who have experience in shopping malls, stadiums, seminars, exhibition halls, etc.

Our list of clients include:

Shopper's Stop (All over India), Noida Center Stage Mall, IPL event Chinnaswami Stadium Bangalore, Pacific Mall GZB, etc

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Effective Website advertising

Online advertising in Gurgaon, India.

More than 100, 000 unique visits, 60, 000 registered users and 2.5 million page views for

The advantages of advertising and sponsorship on website are many fold. We provide assistance in announcing your store openings, increasing product and store visibility, increasing better customer experience through various accessibility options (emails, phone, etc) to the highly computer savy population.

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You can contact us to find out about various advertising or sponsorship options that we have for you. Feel free to call on +91 124 4295 955 or email us at adverts AT gurgaonshoppingmalls [dot] com.