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Best shopping mall in Gurgaon, India

Ambi, Gurgaon

Best Shopping Malls in Gurgaon, India

How about this? Out of the thousands of stores in Gurgaon malls 75% of the stores sell apparel (You can find this by analyzing the store category from our website). Rest all comprise of Restaurants, Food courts, Movies, Books and Stationery, Household goods, etc. Are people buying a lot of apparel or should we put it like this, are 75% of people are buying apparel?

How are we going to decide this? Is it based on the number of people we see in a mall or people who visit the mall and buy things? Which stored are generating maximum conversion? What do the visitors prefer? What is the most preferred activity in malls?

Before we begin, the question that bothers our mind is a very basic one and that is, what perspective should be take when we start giving information on this article, should we be talking about people who create businesses and are bothered about investing in Gurgaon malls or should we be talking about the visitors who are, at times, confused amidst the number of malls which mall to go when they need something.

This data is completely gathered by interviewing few people and observing what people really search when they visit our website.

  1. Metropolitan mall - is preferred by most due to its accessibility, verity and presence of PVR Cinemas. Further, the reputation earned with time. Most preferred mall even for the advertisers and movie goers.
  2. Sahara Mall – Strength is the accessibility on MG Road, caters to a different segment. Again most preferred by advertisers due to maximum footfall. Conversation rate almost 80%. This is due to the reason that is catering to a different segment and selling products that are affordable.
  3. DLF City Center – Lifestyle stores and DT Cinemas causing the maximum footfall. Stores like Insense and Pubs like Buzz and Mozos cater to different visitor groups.
  4. DLF Grand Mall – Best known for Landmark, visitors mainly show up for Landmark and Westside. Good parking facility.
  5. DLF Mega Mall – DT Cinemas and its availability on sector road makes it more likable. Reliance grocery store, food court and availability of some pubs and bars make Mega Mall popular.
  6. Gold Souk – Accessibility issues make Gold Souk a little less likable, however, people preferring to buy only jewelry are more than welcome.
  7. Gurgaon Central Mall – Opened up recently, though in a very small area, the concept of seamless mall has proven to be great for everyone. Businesses flourish and shoppers happy.
  8. MGF Mega CityVery slowly and carefully MGF has made this mall popular. We appreciate the different strategy taken by the MGF management team. They have very cleverly directed some of the promotional activities of Metropolitan Mall to Mega City Mall. Which has further added to this malls popularity. Spencer’s Hyper and CTC Plaza pulls people and then all other stores benefit.
  9. Ambiance Mall - Ambiance mall is picking up faster than it was expected even when there are factors that affect the visits like the kind of brands present and accessibility. Shoppers are storming Ambiance on weekends in Big Bazaar, Reliance TimeOut, Food Court and most popular Fun Zone.
  10. Galaxy Mall and Hotel – A 5 star hotel facility in Gurgaon, one of the first few. The concept started with the malls first, took off with the presence of Crossroads Bookstore who later shifted to Select City Walk Mall in Saket, New Delhi. Our classified interview with staff of Crossroads have reveled that low footfall in this mall is leading to its closure. Still the concept of Hotel, Spa and Shopping seems to get popular only amongst the residents or people who visit the hotel.

We have missed out on some of the malls willingly as they cater to some completely different segments and do not feature on the mainstream malls.