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Bomb scare in Gurgaon malls

Bomb scare in Gurgaon shopping malls.

Bomb scare in Gurgaon shopping malls


Once again the bomb scare has come up at the time of festivals and weekend. A time when the people are in full mood to spend the weekend watching movies, shopping and eating out. This is not the first time but 4-5 time in last 3 years. The main targets are as usual the MGF Metropolitan and DLF City Centre mall. These malls have the greater number of footfalls and are located at very important locations.

This page is created on December 22, 2007. The images and video that are shown below are of a low quality as they were shot with a mobile camera. The videos might buffer depending upon your connection quality.

 Bomb Scare (video)
  Bomb Scare - Positive Side (video)
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