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Gurgaon malls - restaurants complaints

How to compalin in a restaurant.

Gurgaon malls restaurants complaints


Complaint in restaurant.Have you paid a visit to one of your favorite restaurants in the shopping malls of Gurgaon lately and found the food and service good enough that you didn't bother referring it to friends. However, every visit to the restaurants is not guaranteed to be as pleasant as the previous one or may be just as pleasant you thought it would be when you heard someone referring you the restaurant.

At we receive communications from the visitors who share their experiences about the restaurants. We try to get back to the restaurants and present the copy of the complaint to them. We hope that they take a good care for the future.

Below are some of the situations that we have researched from the communications we have received which causes an unpleasant situation. We believe a diagnosis is a good way of understanding a problem as this automatically leads to solution.

Various causes for complaints:

  • Food arriving late
  • Ingredients present that you think can never be a part of your food (hair, sticks)
  • Food is cold
  • You can't bear to eat the food
  • The food portions are too small
  • The waiting staff is rude to you
  • Food not cooked enough
  • You feel that French food is not really a French food but tastes something else
  • Experience and expectations do not match with the last restaurant that you visited

Please know that the restaurant owners are pretty concerned about the services the offer. That is the reason they are there, they want to serve you better. Refrain from over reacting to a situation. You should first of respond to any situation calmly and firmly.

Have you spotted an evidence that supports your claim, don't play with it. Let it be there, speak to the manager or a concerned person about it.

Do not try to pull that out to check if this could be true. People who work in the kitchen sometimes do things in a bit hurry for faster delivery that messes the dish.

  • This is upon you to decide whom to call and whom not to. Whether you should call the waiter who served you the food or if you should head straight to the manager.
  • You need to explain has really happened. What happens is. Its not just ingredients that you would like to complain about.
  • Blog it out and let us know about it. We at GurgaonShoppingMalls provide you with a blog wherein you can post your issues and your experiences.

What not to do:

  • Nobody will take you seriously if you start to shout and stamp your feet. Keep calm at all times and pitch your voice low to avoid sounding agitated.
  • Make sure your complaint doesn't descend into personal remarks or pure slanging. Stick to the facts of what's upsets you - they'll be important later on if you wish to take things any further.
  • Don't demand to be given a free meal. You can offer what you think something's worth, but never try to get out without paying - that's the trick of a con artist.
  • Leaving without complaining is just not good. You might just leave the restaurant frustrated and thinking that you would never return. However, this would not solve the problem for others. The restaurant authorities must know what really happened.

Visit our blog to see responses and comments. We encourage you to point out your good as well as bad experience that you might have had. Alternatively, send your issues to us and we would make sure this is conveyed.