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We appreciate your patience and thank you for trusting us to serve you. Please find details about other ways to contact us for your queries.

Shopping Cart Customer Care:

+91-120 - 4188 650

Business enquiries :
Visit here for business queries »

Shopping Cart enquiries :
Store owners interested in promoting/selling products through our Shopping Cart system, please contact at malls [at]

Advertising & Promotions :
media.cell AT GurgaonShoppingMalls [dot] com

General enquiries :
malls AT GurgaonShoppingMalls [dot] com

Property requirements :
property AT GurgaonShoppingMalls [dot] com

Hiring requirements :
jobs AT GurgaonShoppingMalls [dot] com

Online Shopping Query:
support AT GurgaonShoppingMalls [dot] com


Alternatively, you can contact us through the form below.

(eg: 91-981100000)