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Gift ideas

Gift ideas.

Gift ideas

Congratulations, you have landed on the gift ideas page. The clever and kind folk of have scoured the land to bring you the best and brightest presents, experiences and pampering treatments - whether you want to delight a friend with a spa break or woo your lover with a bungee jump and flowers.

Hasnít gifting been an concern for you lately with so many options available, not when it comes to paying but when you have to literally screw yourself thinking what should be the best gift idea.

Normally, even if you are in rush, there are just two things that you have to think about first of all. Number one, the occassion, and number two the personality type. Once you follow these two steps, the third step, which is the gifting idea, would come naturally to you.

We have tried to bring here the same concept. Please follow our three steps for gifting ideas which we bet would generate in your brain the best of the best gifting ideas.

Step 1, ask yourself.

What occasion is it?

Anniversary, Bachelor Party, Back To School, Birthday, Bon Voyage, Cheer Up!, Congratulations!, Engagement, Family Reunion, Get Well Soon, Good Luck! Graduation, Housewarming, I'm Sorry!, New Baby, New Job, Retirement, Sympathy, Thank You!, Thinking of You, Wedding, I Love You

Step 2, ask yourself:

What is the personality type of the individual?

Sr. Men, Sr. Women, Men, Women, Teen Guys, Teen Girls, Boys, Girls, A Family

Step 3, look at the items that we have listed below for your idea.

Finally, have a look below at the items, it would narrow your search and would help you get the best of the gifts.

For Men (includes elderly):

Gadgets, Outdoor Activities, Eating & Drinking Well, Professional, Sports Fan, Well-Dressed, Music Lover, Golfing, Travel Enthusiast, Creative & Artistic, Auto Enthusiast, Cooking & Entertaining, Cards & Games, History Buff, Home Improvement, Gardening, Movie Buff, Proud Parent, Video Gamer, Active & Healthy, TV & Pop Culture Fan, Spiritual or Religious, Pets & Animals, Playing Sports, Bookworm, Charity & Volunteering

For Women (includes elderly):

Fashion Shopper, Beauty & Spa, Creative & Artistic, Home Decorator, Cooking & Entertaining, Proud Parent, Gadget Guru, Travel Enthusiast, Professional, Active & Healthy, Eating & Drinking Well, Gardening, Pets & Animals, Music Lover, Spiritual or Religious, TV & Pop Culture Fan, Bookworm, Outdoor Activities, Movie Buff, Cards & Games, Golfing, Charity & Volunteering, History Buff, Sports Fan, Video Gamer, Playing Sports

For Kids:

Educational Toys, Fashion Shopper, Playtime & Make-Believe, Creative & Artistic, Outdoor Activities, Well-Dressed Child, Playing Sports, Video Gamer, Cars, Trucks & Trains, Kids Favorite Characters, Dolls & Collectibles, Pets & Animals, Music Lover, Bookworm, Dinosaurs & Monsters, Building & Construction, Room & Dorm Décor, Sports Fan, TV & Pop Culture Fan, Cards & Games, Surf / Skate / Board, Comics & Superheroes, Movie Buff

For Families:

Pets & Animals, Music Lover, Building & Construction, Room & Dorm Décor, Gardening items, Furniture items, Art and Craft work, Interior decoration items, Lightening items, Music systems, Movies, Litrature and DVDs on home decoration, Travel Packages

We bet that you might have come across with the best of the ideas for gifting, we present to you below some specific ideas.

Personalised gifts:

Personalized gifts are the gifts that you would like to share with your loved ones which are crafted specially for them. It could be:

  • Personalised birthday book
  • Personalised Mugs and T-Shirts
  • Flowers that you design for them
  • Astrology report gift box
  • Some tailored clothing items

Unusual gift

  • Movie tickets, Gift hampers, Medical Insurance

Feel-good gifts

  • Teddy bear, Birthday cards with special messages, Holiday travel packages
  • Boys' toys & gizmos
    • PDAs, Mobile phones, Wrist watches, Perfumes and deodorants, Gaming options like X-Box, Digital Camera, Wine and Champaign, Latest movie DVDs, Good book if he likes reading
  • Girls' stuff
    • Flowers, Artificial Jewellery (original is better), Diamond, Clothing (get some night stuff), Perfumes, dine out
  • Experiences
    • Bungee Jumping, Spa & Pampering, A treat in a Pub and Bar, Dinner at his/her favourite restaurant.