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Retail in Gurgaon, India

Gurgaon India

Retail in Gurgaon, India

The changing face of Gurgaon is not limited to IT, ITES, Manufacturing alone. What we predict is that Gurgaon, very soon, Gurgaon is going to be known as the Biggest Shopping Hub in India. Within 2 years time we from website, who are observing every trend that is going on in the Gurgaon retail segment, advice the visitors to be ready for a shopping mall or retail revolution.

We predict that the presence of shopping malls like MGF Metropolis, Ambiance Mall and DLF Mall of India (who are importing 2000 workers from Africa and are going to become the 10th biggest mall in the world), Gurgaon will have a Shopping Mecca as it's second name.

With the numbers of malls, with the sizes of malls, with the presence of famous international brands, with the planning to make most of the tourists and residents of India think “Gurgaon” every time they think “Shopping”, the plan is now in it's final phase.

The blueprint appears clear. With Commonwealth Games 2010 fast approaching these malls are going to have visitors from all over the world which would make Gurgaon famous like Paris, London and New York of Asia.

Fasten your seatbelts, and find out what does it have for you to grab from this revolution. As a business person/Investor think what is it that you can derive most out of this revolution. As a mall store owner, be ready to plan and extend your reach. Strategies your advertising plans; think what can make you famous before people reach Gurgaon. They should come to you when they want what you sell.

As a mall visitor or shopper well, sky is the limit if you have your wallet full. The question is how do you want it?

Just choose who you want to be out of these. There is so much for everyone, expand your reach before its time and get ready for the opportunities coming your way. Go international, think Big, think of various ways you can reach people internationally.