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Ambi, Gurgaon

Who visits

Do not consider this as a self-promotion activity. We have refrained from doing this in past and on every given opportunity we have clearly distinguished the fact that we are not affiliated to any of the malls or stores in Gurgaon Malls.

Our information based services are targeted to mainly the visitors of the malls, though we have been a little slow on updating the stores database (apologies) but still we are proud to state that we have played good role in establishing connections.

The connections that we have established have been for real state requirements, advertising requirements, press and media requirements (including ANI - REUTERS, ZEE TV and News X), Jobs, Research students and other segments.

You would be exited to know that on some occasions we are helping people emotionally, well that’s a big statement and you would want to know how. Well, some of our fellow Gurgaon residents who have shifted to other countries are finding our website a good source of connecting to Gurgaon malls and the activities going on here.

Our, channel and Flickr Photo Gallery are getting good views and nice comments.

Here is the list of some of the companies from where most of the visitors appear. Note that this list is a little classified in the sense that we are not picking up the first 10 lists due to some reasons.