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Retail in Gurgaon, India

Gurgaon India

Retail in Gurgaon, India

There is always a lot of excitement in the air when it comes to shopping in Gurgaon. This can bee seen by the number of malls opening and the average footfall rising to a level that no one ever expected.

Just few basic questions that bother every business thinker as well as the general visitors, above all the question of which mall does GSM (we) recommend for you and your family needs?

Lets find out the answers right here right now.

We are having a mixed cover a mixed perspective, so the information that you find here would be helping a typical business owner in understanding what does a consumer prefer when he is going to a mall.

So let’s being with the good news and the good news is that people who visit the malls are visiting on average 2 - 3 malls a day. This is actually based on what is the requirement. Since different malls specialize in different areas and not all malls have everything, this makes the visitors go round and round and search for there stuff.

A typical shopper family example:

A typical example is a visitor who is free on a weekend with his family, the only place he visits is a mall. Well, on a typical day his family, comprising of wife and two children, have different needs unless and until they have unanimously agreed to watch a movie and have dinner and get back home.

The different needs are: the man wants to go out for a book store, the lady wants to do some shopping for herself or for her family or even a grocery shopping, and the children want some fun (Until recently, before Ambience mall’s fun section opened, children had very little choice. But thanks to Ambience mall’s fun zone its coming out really good)

So, in our example above, we do not find a bookstore, a grocery store and children fun section all in one mall. Even if they are at one place but since different stores have different degree of reputation and availability of stuff, people are bound to go to different malls for their requirements. What’s really bothering the visitors are the parking tickets they keep buying at each of the malls spending on an average around Rs. 150/- only on parking!

Accessibility, as usual, matters a lot. So, parking the vehicle in the authorized parking lot at say MGF Metropolitan mall makes the visitor visit DLF City Center mall as well. Parking at DLF Grand Mall enables the visitors to visit DLF Grand Mall, MGF Mega City and Sahara mall, sometimes even the DLF Mega Mall.

What usually stops the visitors is the parking charges or huge traffic jams that leads to waste of time.

How can we raise the conversion to some level?

Studying the demographics of the average visitor or segmenting each user according to his needs, the malls should unanimously be willing to come to the rescue of the visitors which would further rescue them from some of the conversion related issues.

A common parking ticket for a day would be a good idea that would make the visitors visit more malls on single day.

We can even think of a solution where on weekends the malls unanimously run a bus service between the shopping malls only.

This would certainly boost the footfalls and the visitors would not hesitate of visiting as many malls as possible in a day giving the maximum revenue to the store owners.