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Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway

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Online Shopping Gurgaon

Directions to get to Gurgaon shopping malls

Directions to Gurgaon shopping malls.

Can't wait to start shopping? Getting to the shopping malls in Gurgaon is easy if you have your own conveyance. In case you do not have your own conveyance you can still reach some of the main malls of Gurgaon, specially the ones that are in the heart of Gurgaon-Mehrauli road. Each of these malls is quite close to each other. That makes them extremely accessible for the shoppers.

Gurgaon shopping malls directions. Gurgaon malls map & directions

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 How to reach AMBIANCE MALL

Are you trying to find out ways to reach AMBIANCE MALL in Gurgaon? Here is how! If you are coming from New Delhi, you would surely catch up National Highway 8. Once you cross New Delhi border, you would find yourself at the Toll Plaza. This is exactly where you have to start looking. Once you are out of the toll plaza, keep watching your left, DO NOT CATCH THE IMMIDIATE FLY OVER.

See the video we have embedded with this section. Though just a few months old, but we gurantee it would help you reach your destination.

 By Car
Reach Gurgaon Shopping malls by Car.

From National highway 8 - Now Gurgaon Expressway

Gurgaon Expressway now open for all making your journey to the Gurgaon Shopping Malls much easier. Visit our photo album to view the latest pictures on the expressway. Most of the malls are on the Mehrauli Gurgaon road. If you are driving down from National Highway 8, you would cross the flyovers at Redisson Hotel, then one at Kapashera Border, then the next would be Shankar Chowk flyover, then you would come across IFFCO-Chowk flyover. Do not go over the flyover, just take a cut from left and keep driving till the red light. If you take right turn you will hit the road that leads to MDI Gurgaon, one of the top 10 Management Institutes of India (sorry, could not resist mentioning that).

However, you need to take a left turn just from the IFFCO crossing, the road that you would hit now is called Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road, you will be in front of a red light after few meters. This might be the first red light that you would come across as you enter Gurgaon from NH-8.

Once you cross the red light, head straight down the road and there you are. On both sides you will find many shopping malls starting from Gurgaon Central Mall on left and OMAXE Plaza on right. This one is the specialty mall, first one of it's kind in Gurgaon. It specializes in home interiors & furnishing. On your left, the first mall would be MGF Metropolitan mall. On your right you would have DLF City Center, Sahara Mall, Mega City mall and DLF Grand Mall in that sequence.

For Gold Souk: Just after you take left from IFFCO crossing and you are in front of a red light. You need to take a right turn from there and head straight down the road for approximately 3-4 km. You would have a roundabout. Head straight from that roundabout and after 2 km you would be seeing the Gold Souk mall on your left, this comes under Sushant Lok area. It has a huge FREE parking space.

For DLF Mega Mall: Quite confusing to reach here but since you are out to get the fun of this huge mall of Gurgaon. Head straight down the Mehrauli - Gurgaon road. You would see a roundabout just after the DLF Grand Mall. Head straight for another roundabout, just when you are about to see that roundabout, take right. Keep driving down for say 100 meters. You would see another roundabout of DLF Phase 2. Head straight that roundabout and there you go. See on your right and you have your DLF Mega Mall welcoming you.

For SRS Cinemas and Mall: It might appear quite distant but reaching the SRS Cinemas and SRS Mall is quite easy. Just take the NH-8 highway and head towards Jaipur. If you are driving down from IFFCO Crossing, you need to drive till Rajiv Chowk. Which means cross 32nd Milestone or the IBM building that comes on your left, drive past Jharsa chowk and you will reach Rajiv Chowk. Take left from Rajiv Chowk towards Sohna. Yes, the road itself is called Sohna Road. Keep driving till 4.5 Km from Rajiv Chowk and there you are on your left, you will find SRS Malls. You can take flyovers or can drive on the side lanes. Just be careful when you change to down lanes from flyovers from speeding vehicles.

From Mehrauli - Gurgaon road

Once you cross Haryana border, head down to Sikandarpur. Quite dense with small time shops, you would then see in front of you a huge roundabout which looks like a triangle with Delhi Metro construction boards. Take left from there, if you would like to visit DLF Mega Mall, keep driving straight, cross another roundabout and there you are on your right. You can even check the sign boards up there if you wish to check about which turn to take.

If you plan to visit other malls then just after you take left from the fountain roundabout. Head down for 100 meters and take a right turn just before the next roundabout. Head down for few meters again until you reach another roundabout. Take left from there and you have all your malls on your left and right. Choose the one you would like to visit starting on your left would be DLF Grand Mall (until a new mall comes up).

There are many roundabouts that you would come across while trying to reach the malls. Just don't loose the count and you would reach just where you wish to.

 By Bus
Reach Gurgaon Shopping malls by Bus.

From National Highway 8 - Gurgaon Expressway (Dhaula Kuan)

There are two different routes again if you are trying to reach the malls by bus, NH8 and from Gurgaon Mehrauli road. Well if you choose to come down from NH8, then the place to take the bus would be Dhaula Kuan. Does not really matter which place in New Delhi you come from but once you get to Dhaula Kuan, reaching to the malls becomes quite simple. There are many DTC buses and other buses at very frequent intervals from Dhaula Kuan. Take any bus that is heading for Gurgaon, preferably a DTC bus. Get yourself a ticket for IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon. It would take 30-40 minutes in normal traffic conditions to reach to IFFCO Chowk (IFFCO Crossing). Get down at the IFFCO Chowk. You would find many rickshaws waiting for you. Take one, tell him you want to reach the malls and in not more than 10 minutes you will be near the malls.

In order to get to DLF Mega mall and Gold Souk, it would require more time and money with rickshaws. You can also get many auto-rickshows but be careful because they won't take you to your malls independently but there are many passengers. Though you can ask them to take you only in their auto-rickshaws for some extra charge.

For SRS Cinemas and Mall reaching to SRS Mall by bus might be very tricky. A bus till Rajiv Chowk and try to get into the crowded auto-rickshaw. It will drop you to the SRS Malls.

From Gurgaon Mehrauli road

There are many buses that come down to Gurgaon through AIIMS. If you wait for DTC buses, you would be able to find many buses that come down from AIIMS on the whole Mehrauli Gurgaon route. The frequency is a bit low if you are waiting before the Lado Sarai crossing. In case you are waiting at the Lado Sarai crossing, the frequency increases automatically because that is the junction where the buses for Gurgaon come from Noida, AIIMS, Badarpur and Safdarjung. The main advantage when you come down from Mehrauli Gurgaon road is that the buses drop you to the mall of your choice (except DLF Mega Mall, SRS Malls & GOLD Souk).

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