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Welcome to the information page of the newly launched portal in Gurgaon called

We hope that you might already have heard at least something about this website. In case you have not, then this is where we step in to let you know what you really had been missing.

What about it, you ask?

  • 4500 hits per  day
  • 20000 page views per day
  • Most frequently viewed pages – home page, dining, movies & trivia.
  • Most frequently used search on site – restaurants
  • Registered database in excess of 10,000 nos.
  • Key Senior execs of corporates appointed as “ambassadors” for corporate sales of  
    –they act as  influencers for site promotion & facilitators for corporate ties / bookings.
  • placement is highest on google & other internal search engines .
  • is the most sought after site for information on by UK and US visitors.
  • New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore & Mumbai sharing visitors.
  • Visitors from corporates, institutions, NRIs and home users.

* All the figures discussed above can be provided in person upon request.

We would first of all try to identify the need of this website which came from, first, trying this new and inexpensive way of listing and advertising, and secondly to bring to your notice the fact that there is a huge ignored Internet population in Gurgaon that comprises of:

  • IT Companies
  • NRIs and Students
  • Net surfers
  • Call center and BPOs

Do you really think that these folks do not search to know about you? Yes! They definitely do. We have the facts to prove it. These are the people who browse the internet day and night for information and look for the information about stores, movies, restaurants in Gurgaon malls. The store and malls have been doing branding and advertising offline but none of them have considered the power of the online population. We can share great deal of information for free if you want to let you know what you are missing.

So what does it do, you ask?

Here, We would like to introduce the website which covers:

  • Covers 9 fully functional shopping malls of Gurgaon and adding.
  • More than 600 stores.
  • 60+ restaurants.
  • 20+ Pubs and Bars.
  • Sale & Discount section.
  • Careers section.
  • Latest updates to members through emails.
  • More sections being added weekly.

The USP of website is its unique “Search & Find” engine on the home page; it can search malls, categories, brands, stores and restaurants. The users have been taking the advantage of this service and have been very kind to get registered with us to stay in touch. We are very particular about delivering to our users the same International Experience that the shopping malls are very serious about, the evidence of this can be found in the design, colour, pictures and the structure of website it has proved to be a very user friendly experience.

What's in it for me, you ask?

Great, at least you are asking question, it seems you are getting interested too or are you not?

  • Latest and most innovative form of advertising.
  • Consistent visibility and availability of your store's information both nationally and internationally which cannot be had from the conventional advertising system.
  • You might have your own website and it's good for your business but how about helping your customers with more presence.
  • People can search your store directly by your store name.
  • 90% chances that your store will show up on the first page of Google (depends on the mood of Google) try incence Gurgaon, lakshita Gurgaon, yo china Gurgaon, color factory Gurgaon, etc.
  • We are adding more and more stores to the website and refining our malls search engine.
  • We have received resumes of people with good experience and who want to work in retail business.
  • We receive feedback about restaurants or store that helps you to serve in a better way and build a good reputation.
  • Reach your customers directly in their home and let them explore you throughout. Your store deserves a chance not to be on just one page pamphlet. The options are unlimited. You are already present on the website for FREE at this moment while you read this.
  • This will be a pamphlet or a reminder that can not be thrown or forgotten.

Gurgaon Shopping Malls visitors tracking.

The image above clearly states that your store have been watched in these many countries during January 2007 - 25 April 2007.

The concept of the website (portal) is the first of its kind in India and it is supposed to be the most happening portal on this theme as of current date in India and certainly in Gurgaon.

During our testing phase of three months, we have made very interesting discoveries about the Internet population in Gurgaon and we would like to share it with you upon your request that how exactly we had been providing a great service to the residents and tourists of Gurgaon. We have also provided factual information about the malls to people outside India and have been giving visibility to the stores and malls of Gurgaon to the world (US, UK, Australia, etc, in that order). We had done a recent promotion for Lifestyle Stores sale in our testing phase (Feb 2007). This is the part of one of our services. You can have a look at this here: Lifestyle promotion ».

Honesty is the best policy?

Yes, and it will always be. To be very honest, we would like to confess few facts:

  • That the website was developed keeping only the online users and the mall walkers in mind.
  • That you would like to be on this website because this will give you visibility to the internet population and sure international visibility.
  • That we have big plans to expand this website and it's features both online and offline.

We are currently over with our testing phase and take a great pride in opening its various services to the store owners. Do let us know if you think there are some details that need a change about your store.

Who are we, you want to know?

We are experts in online marketing, designing, search engine marketing, research, database design and programming. We are not a company but online marketing professionals who have set up to make this system work. We have experts who have been very smartly able to identify the needs and get the users what they want.

What do you want with this page?

Don’t worry; at this very moment all we are trying to do is to create a little awareness amongst the store owners and to invite them to visit the website. As for the users, well, they already know that we exist because they have been able to find us on most of the occasions.

How much for getting up there?

You already are up there for FREE, you can check for yourself and do let us know if there is something that needs to be added or removed from your information. Either try it like, your store name+Gurgaon on Google or simply put your store name in Apart from the free listings, we have many other options for advertising. Contact us to know more.

There is a little Details link that appears on mall search through the website, by clicking on this the user is given a small window with your details and the best part is that the user can simply use the same window to drop you a mail directly in your mailbox. If you do not have one you can create it for free on many email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, AOL, etc. Yes, that’s true; the mail can reach directly in your mailbox from that small window. The Details link might be grayed out (disabled) if your information is not present. Try any of the stores that have the details link enabled to look at the feature.

Finally, give us a shout if you think that you want to be up there in that little Details window as well and also, if you want us to share some statistics that we have collected in last three months about the stores in shopping malls.

You can contact us here:

Mobile: +91 - 124 4295 955

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