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Lifestyle Stores Sale


Some of the banners of Lifestyle Stores in Gurgaon. Till date Lifestyle Stores have earned to be one of the most honest stores. They have the best of the best customer service, honest promotional schemes and a perfect balance of professionlism and personal touch in staff.

So next time when you are in Gurgaon, we recommend you a MUST VISIT to Lifestyle Stores, to shop for best of the best brands and a great customer experience.

A 2007 Lifestyle Stores Promotional Banner.

The Home Center Store from Lifestyle Stores, one of the oldest stores in Gurgaon has equal reputation for great qauality stuff at great prices. Specially during Sale and Promotion times.

Home center from Lifestyles Stores.
Credit cards accepted from HSBC.


Lifestyle is the primary attraction in DLF City Center mall on Mehrauli - Gurgaon road. You can locate the mall here.

Find out the ongoing sale and promotions in Lifestyle Stores, please visit the relevant section.