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Parking charges in Gurgaon malls

Parking in Gurgaon malls.

Parking charges in Gurgaon shopping malls

 Updated August 2009

The charges for parking your vehicle in Gurgaon Shopping Malls have been revised lately. According to the new policy, some of the shopping malls would now be charging based on hours of parking.

Overnight parking is not allowed in any of the malls. In case of such event, please inform the mall management immidiately.

The revision is done keeping in mind the number of vehicles that turn up in the shopping malls of Gurgaon. The most affected once are DLF City Centre and MGF Metropolitan mall.

According to the revised in DLF City Centre you pay:

  • Rs. 10/- for up to 30 minutes parking
  • Rs. 30/- for parking up to 1 hr
  • Rs. 40/- for parking up to 4 hours
  • Rs. 60/- for parking up to 6 hours and above

According to the revised in MGF Metropolitan mall you pay:

  • Rs. 20/- for up to 0 to 2 hours of parking
  • Rs. 30/- for parking up to 2 to 3.5 hours
  • Rs. 40/- for parking up to 3.5 to 4.5 hours
  • Rs. 50/- for parking up to 4.5 to 5.5 hours
  • Rs. 60/- for parking up to 5.5 hours

AMBI Mall Gurgaon, NH-8

  • Rs. 30/- Flat charges, no timing specified. Open area parking and underground parking also open.

For the other shopping malls the charges would vary:

  • Sahara mall - flat Rs. 30/-
  • DLF Grand mall - flat Rs. 15/-. Weekend charges are Rs. 20/-
  • DLF Mega mall - flat Rs. 20/- for weekdays. Weekend parking charges are flat Rs. 30/-
  • MGF Mega City mall - flat Rs. 20/- weekdays and Rs. 30/- for weekends

Please feel free to write to us on malls AT gurgaonshoppingmalls DOT com with your inputs and experiences.

Please note that the rates above are subject to change without prior notice.