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Personal details, be careful

Personal details.

Personal details sharing should be careful consideration


Personal details.Your personal and private details are very important to you and for us. You would not want anyone to simply start sending you unsolicited sms or make calls. This happens pretty much with many individuals once they share the information. All that is required here is a little care while sharing your details with the stores or their representatives.

Different places where you might be asked to share your details are:

  • Signing a guest book or a feedback diary
  • If approached by promoters and asked for personal details
  • While speaking to a person not authorized to know your details
  • Filling out brand survey forms
  • Consumer behaviour survey applications

You have full right NOT to share your personal details when asked for. While filling out a feedback form you can simply write in your feedback and your name. You might ignore the mobile number or email address column if it is really not relevant. When asked by promoters you can simply refuse that you do not want to share your information with them and a feedback might be just ok.

This is true that these details are shared and sold amongst the marketers for advertising and promotional purposes. However, it eventually turns out as a pain to the shopping mall visitors, so much so that many have complained even changing their mobile numbers that were very dear to them. The benefits too cannot be ignored as the awareness it brings is very targeted.

You can share your experiences with us if you have any and we would try to be of assistance to you in this regard. Feel free to mail us on malls AT gurgaonshoppingmalls DOT com.