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Privacy policy

Overview is owned and operated by Shoppoz Enterprises. it offers customers, store owners and builders a complete information based service about the shopping malls in Gurgaon, India. By virtue of this, we take and consider online privacy very seriously and strictly. This privacy policy is designed to inform our customers/visitors to our site how we collect and use the personal information you elect to provide to us. If you are a visitor to our site and you choose to register for our services or provide us with personal information you authorise us to use such information as set forth in this privacy policy. collects the information necessary to serve you better.

When you visit our website, you may provide us with both personal information that you consciously choose to disclose to us on an individual basis and information that we collect when you browse this website. You may also provide us with the personal information required for us to provide the services however we only request the personal information necessary to establish and provide the necessary services requested from you. This may include:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Age
  • Your preferences for shopping

You may also be asked to submit details such as the company you work for, the remuneration you draw, your position in the company depending upon our requirements. This information is used in the aggregate only and not on an individual basis, solely to determine the statistics of those using our website or our services to determine a better way to provide enhanced service.

We may however, use the personal information that you provide to us to notify you about shopping malls, stores, products in the stores, latest updates, important changes to our web site, our services or special offers that we consider to be of importance to you on the basis of the information you have submitted. Also, the main intention behind collecting your personal information is to provide you with better options and choices when you go out for shopping. We do not have affiliates to our website, hence, there is no question of sharing your information with any third party. The information that you provide remains with us for analysing and concluding ways to serve you better.

Use of cookies and/or similar technology

A cookie is a small text document that a web server can store temporarily with your web browser. Each time you visit a web site, that web site's server asks your computer's browser for permission to store a cookie on your hard drive in an area specifically designated for cookies. Cookies are useful for having your computer remember specific information from a particular web site's server to be reloaded the next time you surf that server's web site. Cookies help us gather feedback on our web site to better serve our customers. A cookie file is not a secret way for a web server to gain access to personal information about you or your computer. Each cookie is marked with information about its destination web site server, whereby your computer will not send cookies to any other web site server. You may elect to be notified each time a web site's server asks permission to store a cookie by amending certain settings in your web browser so that you have the ability to refuse a cookie when it is being served.

Our use of cookies is limited to the following:

  1. To manage information about advertisements prompt when you visit our web site. We use the information collected from the cookies to understand the efficacy of the advertising campaigns displayed on your site being viewed by you so as to enable you to maximize your efforts of using our website.
  2. To learn more about how our visitors use our web site and thereby providing similar patterns of information as utilised by them when they surf our site. Cookies are not for soliciting individual behavioural pattern of the visitor.
  3. To keep an account of the services offered to you, which you have accepted so as to maintain a track of all the necessary and relevant details.

You may choose to accept or refuse cookies by appropriately setting your browser. But we recommend that you accept cookies in order to avail of certain key features and services which we offer, nonetheless, even if you set your browser to refuse all the cookies, you can still access all the areas of our site. As of now we do not use web beacon, which is a single pixel electronic aid used in delivering cookies on our sites to ascertain the exact number of users/visitors accessing our site. We may use web beacons to understand whether you have opened the message we have sent you, or, to compile statistics for judging the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.

In case of advertisements placed on our site by third parties, these third parties often deploy persistent cookies and not session cookies, which enable them to understand and send you the right kind of advertisements, which they feel, are of interest to you. However, we do not have access and neither can we control the cookies placed by such third parties on our site. By placing the persistent cookies, the third parties can ascertain and collect information about you and where you have been using your computer to view similar advertisements.

Disclosure of information

We do not grant access to any personal information that you may provide to us to anyone. We do not use your information to earn any amount of profit by way of selling or leasing the same to any unaffiliated third party. We shall however, not be liable and responsible for any unauthorised access to our site by hackers who steal information, nonetheless, we take adequate precautions and measures to protect the same.

Please note that as of date we do not deal with online payments on Hence, there is no possibility of sharing your credit card information.

Under certain situations, we may release your personal information if required by law, or if we believe the disclosure is necessary to abide by law or to protect our web site or users of our services, or to defend our property. We will only disclose the minimum information that we are required to disclose. I n case of doubt and/or verification of authenticity, reserves the right to share such information with such people as it deems fit. absolves itself from any information provided by the user which is found to be wrong, erroneous or fraudulent. We keep your personal information provided by you till one year after your account ceases to be active after which the same is deleted from our servers. However, after the cessation/deactivation of your account, is not responsible for any loss of information that may occur. however endeavours not to share the information with anyone except the law enforcement agencies and as and when demanded by them.

Own access

You can view and edit any information provided by you to us online by providing us with the appropriate username and password. As of date, we are asking you to create a username and password as we have our plan in future to further enhance the functionality of by enabling you to make changes and view your personal account. This will be achieved very soon. In case this does not happen. We will certainly inform you by email address that you provide us. We consider the information provided to us is vital and as a result, we advise to log out of your session each and every time you decide to end your session with our site. If you are using a public computer wherein the computer being used by you can also be used by someone else, we strictly advise to first log out and ascertain truly whether your session has truly expired or not.

Changes reserves the absolute right to change, amend, alter, edit, delete or add this privacy statement. In case of multiple sessions logging in by you, you are subject to two different provisions of the privacy policies, then the most recent one shall apply. Accepting the terms and conditions as well this privacy policy automatically binds you to the most recent privacy policy applicable.