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Reliance TimeOut, Gurgaon

Relaince TimeOut, Gurgaon

Reliance TimeOut, Gurgaon - Think Abundance

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Swiped off our feet literally, that is how we felt when we entered this store called as "Reliance TimeOut." It's not just because it's so huge and specious but it was mainly because of the unlimited options that the store provides under various categories.

This is the first time we are dedicating an entire page to a store and we took this decisions based on just one factor and that was that this store deserves a special mention on our website because of the abundance factor. Spread over 41,000sq feet and with over 1,00,000 products, Reliance TimeOut offers customers an extensive range of merchandise in Books, Music, Stationery, Toys and Gifts. There is space for everyone, you can sit, relax, read have coffee from the coffee shop within the store and enjoy.

Reliance TimeOut, GurgaonWe recommend this store highly to Ambience mall visitors. Go alone or take your family or inform your peers. This is one place where you can spend your entire day and you wouldn't even know how time flies. If you are a book freak, we bet you cannot come out without buying a book for yourself. It's not just because you need it but you get so much charged emotionally that it feels injustice if you do not buy anything from the Reliance TimeOut store.

This store is from Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) which is its second specialty store “Reliance TimeOut” at 127, 1st Floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

There is also a café at the store, which makes Reliance Timeout a wonderful hangout for youth and adults alike. Searching for your favorite music and books is efficiently handled by a search engine and complemented by knowledgeable and energetic staff, so that customers can easily find what they want in a store of this size.

The Stationery section with over 8000 products is a wonderland for children, students and working people. For the first time in India, Professional Artists too have an exciting range of products to buy their art supplies from.

The Toy section with over 3,000 toys in an environment that is a lot of fun for the children will definitely make every outing to Reliance TimeOut, great fun for the family. Choosing a gift is a completely new experience at Reliance TimeOut.

Having spoken to some of the staffs, we discovered they are planning to open an online store as well to help customers buy and gain information about the products which seemed like a great idea.

Contact number for Reliance TimeOut: 0124 - 4029148


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