Play smart in malls.

Lady with kid in parking, Gurgaon shopping malls.

Tips and Tricks

  • Parking has always been an issue in malls around the world. Here we have issues like there is no parking space available, in other countries people tend to forget where they have parked their car. Be sure of the level where you park your car, be sure to have the center or gear lock in place and properly used. Do not leave your parking ticket in your car, always carry it yourself. Hide the items under seats that you think might attract others to your car.
  • Try parking near the escalators, this would make it easy for you to find your car and place your shopping bags in place. A place like that is pretty hard to find at least on weekends. But we suggest if you could have some space near your trunk or doors to put the bags in.
  • It is a practice in malls to keep kids stuff at the level where kids can comfortably reach and inexpensive items out of reach of adults. Try looking for a place you think is out of your reach. There is a possibility that you might find something you like. That could even be a lower rack.
  • Remember clothing measurements of family members ahead of time. Carry a list of sleeve lengths, inseams, and neck, chest and waist sizes. In most of the cases you would already know the sizes of your dear ones. You can keep in mind if they are good for L, M, XL, XXL or what size they wear. The newest size introduced in apparel for men is 'modern look.' This has cut on both sides and bottom of shirts are curved.
  • Make a list of items you know you need today. This will help you remember to look for certain important items at each sale you go to.
  • Research the fair price for the items you are interested in buying. Keep posted with the latest prices about various stuffs. This will keep you informed when you will be in a mall. Try reading a newspaper for the latest prices, being online also helps.
  • On the day of sale try reaching early, there is a 90% possibility that you would get your favorite item for a good deal. You reach late, you are bound to loose on a good bargain.
  • Why do malls have food courts? Well, in general, malls are supposed to have a parking area, stores, fountains, escalators, cafeterias and a food court. Food courts are generally used by the mall owners to prolong the stay of a shopper and this makes sense. If you are tired of shopping, then go ahead in the food court and regain your energy.
  • Malls in other countries do have their employees of a type that move around a customer and try to analyse and make note of customer behaviour. This includes the most visited shops, the eating joints you love, the places you visit for window shopping. Don't know if we have it here or not, this is typically a secret service like a CBI or FBI undercover. Don't try to be typical, act and be like an informed and intelligent shopper.
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