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Kriti Creations is a store of a very different kind. Though most of the stores in Gurgaon Shopping Malls are into apparel or they have something that can be usually found in any other store. Kriti Creations have items that are really hard to locate. They deal in high quality items of:
  • Gift items
  • Feng-Sui items
  • Indian Pooja items like idols, incense sticks, etc.
  • Festival items like Diwali Diyas and candles, Holi colors.
  • Vaastu items has been doing some research in finding the stores with difference within Gurgaon Shopping Malls and we have found Kriti Creations a must visit place for the mall walkers. We highly recommend that you visit Kriti Creations and know more about the store.
Inscense Fashion sells apparel for women, so what? because there are many other stores that do the same. But the reason why have decided to put Incense Fashion in this list is that there is something different about this store. This store deals with apparel for a particular class, attitude, and variety of people. Age does not seem to matter here. The store is different. We have found it highly charged and full of energy. They deal in
  • Denim
  • Trendy tops for ladies
  • Those exclusive accessories that girls love to put on.
  • Hand bags and purses
  • Plus an aura that is different and cannot be found in any other store.

They are located on Level 1 of DLF City Center mall. You can find the store's details on our store search option directly.

Collecting information
Collecting information

The Color Factory, we spoke to them over the phone few days back. When asked which category we should put the store in? The reply was, "Well, we are different, we are a concept store." And when we paid a silent visit to the store, we discovered that they really are different. The concept is very unique. We can call it interior decorations or may be a place for kids and there are many other such categories. Then we decided to form a seperate category in our database called as "Concept Stores." This helped us in categorising other stores as well.

A visit to The Color Factory lets you paint and design your own stuffs real time. This is a must visit place for both young and old. They are located in DLF Mega Mall on Level 1.

Landmark book store: What makes them different is the great variety of options they have for the visitors. It's not just books they deal in. You can find CDs, DVDs, Stationery, Watches, Handbags, Toys, Musical Instruments, XBox stuff, etc. All of a very high quality in a great ambiance. A must visit place for book worms. Landmark can even make you start reading books because of the impact it has on it's visitors.