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Valentine's Day with Gurgaon Malls

Valentine day in Gurgaon shopping malls.

Celebrate St. Valentine's Day in Gurgaon Shopping Malls


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The malls are calling upon you to celebrate this occasion of Valentine's Day with them. You can join any of these to have this occasion celebrated your way. The gifts you want, the places you choose for dining, the movies you wish to see. All off these with style and passion mixed together.

Below are the ideas for you to help you celebrate this auspicious occasion with your loved one.

The stores what we suggest for gifts could be many:
» Archiese Gallery
» Lifestyle Stores
» Shopper's Stop
» Lakshita International
» Art galleries in DLF Mega Mall

Metropolitan Mall and City Center Mall are coming up with many different options for you to celebrate the Valentine's Day in their premises. Keep an eye on the latest offers and schemes. Do pay a visit to these places just a day before Valentine's Day.

 Gift Ideas for HER

Flowers, Dresses, Jewellery, Art Work, iPod, Wrist Watch, a nice ring. Lingerie collection make great valentine gift, Visit Etam and Ambi Mall stores for excellent collection.

Don't forget the greeting card with any of these gifts. Be careful with the messages that the card conveys. The cards still have special place in hearts.

  Gift Ideas for HIM

Wrist watch, iPod, Digital Camera, Pen, Art Work, Shirt, T-Shirt (not so romantic), DVD of his favorite movie, a guy would love if you could gift him something in electronics, may be a PDA or a mobile phone.

The idea is that this day does not belong to just one. Hence, be careful with what you say, what you do and what you gift.

 Creative ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day

» Try a unique cuisine in your favorite restaurant. Try something new, visit Ambi Mall
» Take pictures of the day.
» Live the day as if it will never come back again, live it like millionaires.
» If you wish, then take another couple with you (friends or family).
» Married people, watch the wedding video & old photo album together.
» Read old letters, mails, write new one specially for this day.
» Write a letter or a poem or at least 10 things that you like about him/her.
» Plan romantic surprises, something that he/she would never expect.